Ross Casting and Innovation has invested heavily in the milled-from-solid (MFS) machining technology.

From specialty forgings (2618 high copper alloy) to finished compressor wheel – RCI has the capability to offer a wheel which has superior mechanical and metallurgy properties to the end user.

Each compressor wheel is precision balanced on fully automated balancing stations with auto-correction. With the stronger material, the wheel has a significantly longer life in comparison to cast wheels as it can sustain much higher stress loads.

Couple that with the latest in design and testing equipment, RCI is excited to offer this capability to our customers.

Our state of the art machine facility is capable of meeting your machine requirements allowing a turnkey product shipped directly to your assembly process. This new technology also enables RCI to assist our customers in a faster time-to-market with their compressor wheel design.


MFS  Machine Facility consists of:




Milled Wheels Photo Gallery


Ross Casting and Innovation is proud to announce it has acquired IATF 16949  certification.
IATF Certification
RCI endeavors to maintain our quality standards which are essential to achieving our business objectives.

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