Ross Casting and Innovation has the ability to supply fully machine or partially machined cast wheels.  Our state of the art machine facility is capable of meeting your machine requirements allowing a turnkey product shipped directly to your assembly process.

RCI’s latest machining cell was developed for high volume commercial diesel sized compressor wheels and passenger car compressor wheels.

The RCI Machining Cell consists of:

  • Twin Spindle Turning Center
  • RCI Robotic Eddy Current System
  • Hofmann Dual Station Semi-Automatic Balancer
  • Florescent Penetrant Inspection of all machined compressor wheels.
  • Laser Part Marking (2D bar code-optional)
  • Optical Measurement System
  • Automated Machine, Balance and Measurements




Ross Casting and Innovation is proud to announce it has acquired IATF 16949  certification.
IATF Certification
RCI endeavors to maintain our quality standards which are essential to achieving our business objectives.

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