Our plaster ceramic process has been leading the industry for many years in offering affordable and mechanically sound compressor wheels for our customer’s cold-side compressor wheels. Our cast compressor wheels are¬†lightweight, durable impellers with superior heat dissipation and rotational characteristics.


Compressor Wheel Characteristics

  • 1.75/44.45 to 8.5/215.9 diameters (in/mm)
  • A354.0 and C355.2 aluminum alloys
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing Densification
  • Blade thickness minimum
  • Flatback, Deep Back, Superback Contours


Market Segments

  • Diesel Engines (medium to heavy-duty)
  • Automotive (gas and diesel)
  • Marine / Watercraft
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture

RCI defined the industry standard and continues to be the world’s leading supplier of cast compressor wheels.

Cast Compressor Wheels


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